Lecture Notes at Hosei University(2019)

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Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 Intro. of
IT Literacy Informatics
2 Intro. of
Introduction to Informatics Informatics
3 Systems Management Intro. of
4 Seminar Professors' Meeting
5 Seminar Professors' Meeting

There are our seminars as follows:

Students' Links(2018) Students' Links(2017) Kodama's presentation Malaysia Internship Tamai Seminar

There are our committee as follows:

Computer Lecture Committee LMS Committee Global Human Resource Project
Schooling of Online School

There are schoolings as follows:

Schooling2018(Winter) Schooling2018(Summer) Schooling2017(Winter) Schooling2017(Summer) Schooling
Programming Language C I/II (Wed 2nd, classroom H)
Lecture Noes 2014 Lecture Noes 2008 Lecture Notes 2007 Lecture Notes 2006
Software Engineering
Lecture Notes 2010
Programming Language Java I/II (Tue 2nd, classroom C)
Lecture Notes 2006 Lecture Notes 2005 Java Studio
Kodama Seminar
Seminar2015 Power Point Project Home Page Project
Professors Meeting
Professors Portal Professors Drive Glossary
Information Science I/II (Wed 1st,2nd, classroom C)
Lecture Notes 2014 Lecture Notes 2006 Lecture Notes 2005 Lecture Notes 2004
Foreign Language (Wed 1st, classroom 552)
Lecture Notes 2004

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